PHP MVC Frameworks preview of 2018 (Phalcon 3, Symfony 4, Laravel 5.x and others)

It’s time to review what’s happening in the world of PHP MVC frameworks. Although some players are making progress and leading the pack, some are continuously falling behind.

We’ll review popularity trends, ecosystems and what makes some of the newer developments even more exciting in 2018.

Lastly let’s segue into the world of serverless technologies. We’ll see how this definite new trend in computing can supplement our existing and new apps. It is a powerful technology that should be on top of the list to review (or implment) of every backend developer and architect.

Let’s begin…

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The State of PHP MVC Frameworks in 2017 (Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend)

PHP MVC Frameworks preview of 2018 Update A simple question prompted me to sit down and write this follow up

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Cake3 … baby steps (step 1 — getting started)

(Get the app code on github.) With the recent announcement of CakePHP 3 (beta 2) being released… it is really

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CakePHP and jQuery auto-complete revisited

CakePHP 2.3 jQuery 1.10.2 jQuery UI 1.10.3 I’ve realized that my old post about jQuery auto-complete and cake is still

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Easy CakePHP logging to FireBug with DebugKit and FirePHP

CakePHP 2.x This is espeically useful when you are working with ajax or just in general you don’t want to

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Improved cache and sessions storage with CakePHP and Redis

CakePHP 2.3 + Redis 2.6.7 For the vast majority of applications out there the issue of cache and session store

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Million dollar site in CakePHP …

Is that possible? Yes, and it has been done. But… — CakePHP is slow. I’ve seen bench-marks on “Hello world”

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CakePHP + MongoDB, Next Steps

CakePHP 2.2 / MongoDB 2.0.4 Let’s continue building on top of what we’ve done previously. I’d say that the main

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CakePHP + MongoDB Introduction

CakePHP 2.2/MongoDB 2.0.4 We all know that CakePHP is awesome, and I’m sure you’ve heard that MongoDB is pretty awesome

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Building “the blog tutorial”… the TDD way (part 2 – controller testing)

CakePHP 2.2 We have prepped our app with enough testing, to be ready to move on to write out the

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