It is not very hard to conclude what my stance is on whiteboard interviews from the title of this post. However, I think my position deserves an explanation because it’s not nearly as simple as a personal dislike. There is a right and a wrong way to conduct any interview. Whether it involves a whiteboard or does not. To me the issue is two-pronged: lack of human connection in the process and initially a failure of the education system to properly prepare us for the real world.

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php mvc frameworks and microservices

It’s time to review what’s happening in the world of PHP MVC frameworks. Although some players are making progress and leading the pack, some are continuously falling behind.

We’ll review popularity trends, ecosystems and what makes some of the newer developments even more exciting in 2018.

Lastly let’s segue into the world of serverless technologies. We’ll see how this definite new trend in computing can supplement our existing and new apps. It is a powerful technology that should be on top of the list to review (or implment) of every backend developer and architect.

Let’s begin…

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