Dealing with static pages v2 (or… 3?)

Over the years of cake development we’ve seen a number of ways to get rid of the the /pages/ path in the URL for static pages.

By default if you create an “about us” page, such as in app/views/pages/about.ctp, the resulting URL would be:

I’m sure you’ve seen a ton of complaints and solutions about how to get rid of this seemingly “annoying” /pages/
To keep the URL’s clean, most people would obviously prefer to have instead. (No /pages/ in sight).

Recently, my favorite solution has become the following setting in the routes.php:

$staticPages = array(

$staticList = implode('|', $staticPages);

Router::connect('/:static', array(
    'plugin' => false,
    'controller' => 'pages',
    'action' => 'display'), array(
        'static' => $staticList,
        'pass' => array('static')

Go ahead, create your about.ctp and then attempt to access it by going to

The Router will nicely remove the /pages/ from the URL.

Why keep the pages in the array() and then use implode()? Couldn’t I just have the following?

$staticList = 'about|legal|policy|something';

You sure could, but array structure allows to keep things organized neater and if you have a large amount of pages it’s easier to scan visually to insert/remove pages as necessary. Either way, you have both options to work with.

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