Sorry, but this one had me going nuts (not bolts) for 2 days.

When AJAX request was sent to the server in IE7, it would “magically” reset the session ID.
Of course, this would cause serious problems for the end-user.

Mind you, this worked perfectly well in every other browser.
I have searched high and low, lost sleep… pulled out a decent chunk of my hair, until I finally and accidentally stumbled onto a solution.

When dealing with older versions of IE and AJAX be sure to adjust your core.php:

 * When set to false, HTTP_USER_AGENT will not be checked
 * in the session

  Configure::write('Session.checkAgent', false);

The actual change is from default true to false.

p.s. If someone has any idea of the actual effect of this change, I’d be glad to know. So far, other than the fact that IE7 works as expected now, I see no difference.

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