Help me, help you

You might have noticed that my posts are not as frequent as they used to be.

Granted, I try to be more elaborate (and boy do I have a few things baking in the oven at the moment).

So with this idea, I will open up this post as Q&A “type-of-thing”…

If you are having difficulty with something in CakePHP post away in the comments with your questions and I will do my best to solve it (or at least guide you in the right direction).

I do have a couple of requests/rules though:

  1. Please don’t copy paste code in the comments. Use or your favorite paste-bin to post the code.
  2. Review the manual before you post your question. Seriously. If the question can be answered by skimming through the cookbook… I’ll be sure to come up with some sort of “punishment” :)
  3. Please don’t ask me to write an entire app for you
  4. Keep the questions short, relevant and to the point
  5. Please understand that I cannot respond immediately, but I promise to make a timely answer, or contact you otherwise

Well that’s about it from my side. Hopefully this little endeavor will benefit both sides (I learn something new every day when I try to solve the problems for others… so yes, I am getting something out of it).

On top of that, I would like to reconnect with my readers, whom I felt neglected in the last few months (sorry, but work has to pay the bills and the habits).

Alright… let’s give it a shot… the forum is open :)!

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