Make updateAll() fire behavior callbacks

For a while now updateAll() would not trigger any of the model’s behavior callbacks.

This presents a problem for a couple of reasons:

  1. The updateAll() method allows to easily do things like field_value = field_value + 1, because unlike other similar methods it does not escape fields/values
  2. Secondly we cannot rely on proper Behavior execution, which can lead to some unexpected results

What we have below is a simple override (and a very rough patch at this point) that will trigger afterSave() of the attached behavior as expected.

Take the code below and place into the model, which uses updateAll() at some point.

public function updateAll($fields, $conditions = true) {
    $db =& ConnectionManager::getDataSource($this->useDbConfig);
    $created = FALSE;
    $options = array();
    if($db->update($this, $fields, null, $conditions)) {
      $created = TRUE;
      $this->Behaviors->trigger($this, 'afterSave', array($created, $options));
      $this->id = false;
      return true;
  return FALSE;

Again, this works for my immediate needs and doesn’t break any tests. However there are a few things that can be improved to make it more consistent with other methods like save(), for example.

Well, either way I am hoping that this will help someone.

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