Take control over your "bake" and "scaffold" HTML templates

Excellent tips from Mark Story, which popped up on IRC yesterday…

They are very useful to some, I can imagine… so here it goes…

How to modify your scaffolding HTML
(If using var $scaffold for prototyping your app)

  1. Go into: cake/libs/views/scaffolds
  2. Notice the 3 files there (add/edit actions work in the same manner)
  3. Copy them to your: app/views/scaffolds
  4. Make changes to the HTML output as you wish

How to modify your “bake” HTML output
(If you are using bake console this one is quite important)

  1. Go into: cake/console/libs/templates/views
  2. Notice the 4 files there
  3. Copy them to your: app/vendors/shells/templates/views
  4. Make changes to the HTML output to control the way “bake” builds your views

Simple, but powerful… thanks, Mark!

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