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CakePHP 3 … the app is mature (step 6 — Controller, JSON testing and a little more…)

(Get the app code on github.) Ah, after a few lengthy days of work, we have arrived at the conclusion of our development efforts. In the last post I have done a little recap of the things accomplished so far. And here, as promised, I am going to piece everything[…]

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CakePHP 3 … fully grown (step 5 — Model layer and testing)

(Get the app code on github.) Finally we are at the point where some interesting things are about to happen. Let’s recap a little so far: I’ve got CakePHP 3 installed and ready to build our first app. I’ve setup necessary plugins to aid my development and have added some[…]

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CakePHP 3 … growing up (step 4 — it’s AJAX time)

(Get the app code on github.) Taking a look back at where I have left off, it’s time to start working on the interactive part of our application. It should come as no surprise that most of the actions taken in the app will be AJAX-based. In other words, submitting[…]

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