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CakePHP + MongoDB, Next Steps

CakePHP 2.2 / MongoDB 2.0.4 Let’s continue building on top of what we’ve done previously. I’d say that the main consideration when it comes to building out your MongoDB is the choice between embedding everything into a single collection vs linking (or manual referencing) to another collection. What does it[…]

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CakePHP + MongoDB Introduction

CakePHP 2.2/MongoDB 2.0.4 We all know that CakePHP is awesome, and I’m sure you’ve heard that MongoDB is pretty awesome as well. So how do we make these awesome technologies play well together? In an awesomely easy way :) Let’s get things rolling by setting up MongoDB. (Instructions for Ubuntu)[…]

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Building “the blog tutorial”… the TDD way (part 2 – controller testing)

CakePHP 2.2 We have prepped our app with enough testing, to be ready to move on to write out the rest of the code… There was a good reason why we have started our TDD with the model layer. By encapsulating the business logic into our models we were able[…]

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Building “the blog tutorial”… the TDD way (part 1 – model testing)

CakePHP 2.2 Part 2 I personally consider Test Driven Development (TDD) as a “must do”, rather than a “nice to have”. Unfortunately as developers we often suffer from tight deadlines, tons of requirements and deliverables and sometimes a simple lack of understanding as to why TDD is so important. Granted,[…]

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