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Setting up Nginx and CakePHP 2.0

Nginx is a pretty awesome web server (fast, and easy to configure… at least I prefer the syntax over some other popular web servers). I figured to share the installation process of both CakePHP 2.0 and Nginx on Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty). Let’s fire up the terminal… (I presume you have[…]

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Quick comparison of Nginx and Apache

This was a quick test as I was playing around with Nginx and CakePHP 2.0. The numbers were interesting, however. What I did: – Setup a virtual box with Windows host – OS: Ubuntu (Natty) – PHP 5.3.8 – CakePHP 2.0-beta (freshly pulled) – apache2 (2.2.17) – nginx (1.0.5) Nothing[…]

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Under the hood of CakePHP 2.0

Thanks to excellent Mr. jrbasso for putting together this list for me. In case one wonders, yes he does know a few things about cake ;) So, without further ado here’s a couple of things to enjoy in CakePHP 2.0… __() now works like sprintf() There were a few complaints[…]

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