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Speed things up with a custom-baked JSON view

Yet another gem of brilliance from Mr. jrbasso. In a couple of my previous posts regarding CakePHP and JQuery, I’ve shown some basic strategies on setting up the communication between the client and the server. This post, as one can guess from the title, is going to be more about[…]

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Two ways to debug your AJAX queries

Every once in a while you might have a need to trigger an AJAX action in the controller, which should return some results from the server… When everything works, well it is certainly all fine and dandy, but if things go haywire, first thing to check out is the response[…]

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Make your CakePHP app ridiculously faster with “view caching”

Big or small, once your app goes to production you’d better start thinking about utilizing view caching ;) Granted, view caching in a dynamic application can be tricky or impossible(?)… but with proper usage wherever and whenever needed, it can make your app go off the charts in terms of[…]

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