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Job openings

Hello All, Our company is looking for CakePHP developers, PHP developers and front-end engineers (jQuery ninjas with PHP skills). If you are interested please use the contact me form to send a one-two paragraph summary about why we should hire you… examples of work are pretty much a must. I[…]

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Speeding things up with materialized views and MySQL

First let’s see what Wikipedia says about materialized views: A materialized view takes a different approach [from the regular sql view] in which the query result is cached as a concrete table that may be updated from the original base tables from time to time. This enables much more efficient[…]

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A simple shell to hash your passwords

If you are moving data into a CakePHP environment and the passwords in the existing DB aren’t hashed, you can use the simple shell provided below to hash them according to the cake’s standard. In case the passwords are already hashed using a different method, this is not going to[…]

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