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  • I am also very interested to know what other (not listed here) systems people use?
    Thanks for any and all of your input.

  • Roy

    Redmine, works like a charm.

  • jblotus

    i use mantis. it seemed to be the easiest to get going. but sometimes my bug tracker is just a sheet of paper. (note to self: remember to transfer bugs on paper to bug tracker).

  • I use the issue tracker that’s built into Codaset. It also happens to host my software repository so I can update tickets with commit notes =)

  • I’ve used a number of ticket trackers over the years, and redmine / lighthouse have to be my favourites. Both have good multiproject support. Redmine offers a bit more in terms of SCM integration though, and more options for workflow.

  • None of existing ones was perfect solution for my current/future needs, so I ended up with my own scm/ticket/etc all-in-one system. Cake based, of course.

  • We are using Jira at work, integrated with R11 and custom flows.
    For home projects I use fogbugz. Not much of a ticketing thing, but we find it very easy to use and configure

  • nobody

    Trac. Got used to it, it’s quite simple and straightforward. Toyed with Mantis, had to work with JIRA and contemplated Redmine. I quite like the last one, but I’d rather have something easy enough to use by my customers and powerful enough for my needs. Trac meets these requirements and I have plenty of experience working with it.

  • Have used Mantis, Bugzilla, and Fogbugz in the past. Of those fogbugz was the best.

    Currently using http://www.thekillingjar.com
    So far I’m liking it. It is easy to use and is affordable but doesnt have all the features of the other ones I listed.

    If you have unlimited budget fogbugz is what i would recommend.

  • teknoid


    thanks, the fogbugz looks pretty interesting.

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