zen of coding

  • Andy

    I voted for A, but am also very interested in B.

  • I (and I think most of us do) care about *content*, so keep posting great article, and try to post more awesome one, and we’ll keep being fond of this site ;)

  • What I like about the topics you post is that you actually seem to be interested in it (or interested in answering common questions to help others), and it shows. I can’t really vote on any of the choices because I’m happy with whatever you decide to talk about, and if you personally feel the site design needs to change, then so be it.

    There’s something to be said about what your readers would like, but there’s also something to be said about keeping the writer happy too. :)

  • Me to. Voted A, but its all about the quality content that keeps it alive. I tell ya…

  • Khaled

    Voted for A, B (jQuery) is already flooding WWW.

  • Donkey

    Fedor will demolish you all! Fedor FTW!

  • A nice little app, personally I want to see my Cake PHP 1.3 articles

  • I voted for A, but am also very interested in B.

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