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Easy CakePHP API search with Firefox

Some of you might know this, but…

  1. Go here: http://mycroft.mozdev.org/search-engines.html?name=cakephp
  2. Click the “CakePHP API” link (or any other you might think is useful)
  3. Add “CakePHP API” to the list of engines available in the search bar?… Most definitely “Add”
  4. (Sure, let’s try it right away)
  5. Ctrl + K (windows) or similar shortcut for your OS
  6. Type search string, hit “Enter”
  7. See results


  • Thanks for sharing ;)

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  • Thanks a bunch for this!

  • I use Firefox’s keyword shortcuts: right click on the search box at api.cakephp.org and select “Add a keyword for this search”.

  • @all

    Glad to see people are liking this one ;)

    @Joaquín Windmüller

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Hmm, this might be a perfect example to finally write my first Ubiquity command for Firefox. :)

    I’ll come back here if I get around to it on a lunch break at some point soon. Thanks for reminding me about this, teknoid.

  • Okay, I found something even better when researching proper documentation on Ubiquity. Someone’s created a command for Ubiquity that lets you create a search command from ANY website’s input field.

    More information found here:

    Yay. :) Now I just CTRL+SPACE and type “cake api {term}” or “cake book {term}”.

    • Awesome tip and Brendan I’m with you ubiquity is even better!

  • Safari Users can install the Glims extension and add the following as a custom search engine:

    Name: CakePHP Book
    Query URL: http://book.cakephp.org/search/#query#
    Keyboard Shortcut: book

    Then you can either use it as a dropdown or in the url bar, type “book my-cakephp-query” to search the book.

    Name: CakePHP API
    Query URL: http://api.cakephp.org/search/#query#
    Keyboard Shortcut: api

  • @Jose Diaz-Gonzalez

    Nice tip, thanks for sharing

  • @Brendon Kozlowski

    Thanks. Awesome tip…
    Also something similar is available built-in (unless I installed some plug-in and forgot about it).
    – Right click on any search field and select “Add keyword for this search”
    – For example for cake API I simply picked ‘a’
    – Now press Alt+D (which jumps into a location bar and selects current address), and type something like “a model” (‘a’ being the keyword, which basically tells the browser go search cake API)
    – CakePHP API with search results for “model” shows up in a new tab

  • This is a great tip…Thank you

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