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Habtamable behavior

The basic idea behind this behavior is that you (well, once in a while) need to save two HABTM models at the same time or search across both models, which are involved in the HABTM relationship. By default cake does a nice job of saving HABTM models and their relation,[…]

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Random thought + prediction post

I hope not have too many of these… maybe once every few months. jQuery and JavaScript coding has become a helluva lot of fun. By the end of 2010 (with advent of HTML5), JavaScript will finally make web developers content and happy — and cause massive mojito-drinking.

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CakePHP's CDN/CloudFront/asset host helper

This asset host helper (in my case made specifically to help with Amazon’s CloudFront service) can be used to improve page load speed, by using dedicated asset servers. For now the considered assets are: images, JavaScript files, and style sheets. The whole idea was inspired by RoR asset helper: http://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActionView/Helpers/AssetTagHelper.html[…]

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Build a URL-shortener for your app

In order to avoid using some external service, you might want to add a simple feature to your application to provide a URL-shortener. The benefits are really simple… you’ll use your own domain name and while your app is around so will be your short-URL links. Let’s define some goals:[…]

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