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Happy cinco de mayo and 1 year anniversary

Well, what a lovely coincidence…

This blog turns 1 year old and there’s a good excuse to drink a few margaritas.
So, using this occasion I’d like to wholeheartedly thank the entire CakePHP team and the community for making my life so much easier and even a little more fun :)

Last year we celebrated CakePHP 1.2 stable and I have feeling that this year is going to be even more exciting with 1.3 being under energetic development.

… and I’ll certainly work to keep this blog going for another year or two ;)

God speed, and party on!

  • Happy Anniversary!

    Bon Anniversaire!

  • @Brendon Kozlowski

    Thank you! ;)

  • leo

    Congratulations tekonid :)
    Hope you can keep up the quality and pace of your posts!
    Thank you very much, and greetings from Germany
    – leo

  • @leo

    Thanks. I’ll do my best ;)

  • David Berry

    Excellent work. This blog has proved to be good reading over the past year.

  • @David Berry

    Thank you.

  • Keep up the good job teknoid, congratulations.

  • @Phally

    Thanks ;)

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