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Don't cache my form (and session) data!

This is probably overly simple, but I felt like posting something anyway… Every once in a while you hear a complaint that you’ve got some sort of login (account), then a user actually logs out, and then yet, hits the back button in their browser… and, whoopty-doo, they get back[…]

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Happy cinco de mayo and 1 year anniversary

Well, what a lovely coincidence… This blog turns 1 year old and there’s a good excuse to drink a few margaritas. So, using this occasion I’d like to wholeheartedly thank the entire CakePHP team and the community for making my life so much easier and even a little more fun[…]

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Execute code in model callbacks based on controller actions

I think it happens pretty often, that you need to run some code in a given model’s callback, but only on certain controller actions. For example, we have a User model and it has an afterFind() method, which massages the results array in some manner. However, we only want for[…]

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