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Get yourself a new home (alternative to home.ctp)

I’m sure you know that to modify your application’s homepage, one needs to edit/create the home.ctp file in app/views/pages/home.ctp. That, however, leaves you dealing with a more or less static page… One common option to add some other functionality to your otherwise static pages is to copy the Pages Controller[…]

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A little something about the Form Helper…

Just a quick pointer about the form helper usage… If you don’t like the default output of $form->input(); echo $form->input(‘SomeModel.some_field’); //which produces: <div class="input text">    <label for="SomeModelSomeField">Some Field</label>    <input name="data[SomeModel][some_field]" type="text" value="" id="SomeModelSomeField" /> </div> Mainly the div’s, it produces, you can of course turn them off by[…]

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