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CakePHP cookbook 1.2 (as of 05/21/2008) in PDF format

Update: 6/09/2008

Unforunatelly I cannot have this PDF file here anymore, since it is a violation of the license.

The good news is that PDF export will soon become a part of the official cookbook site, so stay tuned…

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  • mike


    This is a great idea ! Thanx for posting that.

    BUT :
    lot of text is missing, in source code for example : We can solve that by removing the right column (menu). I tried with Firebug, but I don t have comments :(

    If you can post another one, or let me know how you did to print it with comments ;)

  • teknoid


    Ooops… i really didn’t take a thorough look at it, just kinda glanced to see if it seemed OK.

    This is the site I used: http://www.htm2pdf.co.uk/

  • mike

    I tried that website, but I don t even get CSS (and no comments of course).

  • teknoid


    Well, what’s interesting is that right now if I browse to manual.cakephp.org, the CSS does not load at all. (But it looks like they’ve added a search :) )

  • Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Feaster!

  • Ajay kumar singh

    Where i can get the sample project in cakephp..
    Just for startup practically.

  • @Ajay kumar singh


    There are lots of examples, including the blog tutorial, which you should try if you haven’t yet.

  • Any idea if the PDF generation got added? Just had a quick look and doesn’t seem obviously available.

  • @Paul Gardner

    I guess it was decided against (at least for now), since the manual is now constantly edited by the community, in a wiki-like manner.

  • have there ever been some real docs about how to use cake, like for beginners

  • @Cake

    There a plenty of docs, including the book.cakephp.org, a few paper books out there and a plethora of blogs just like this one.

    And book.cakephp.org is a community effort, so you are more than welcome to contribute.

  • Cake

    ok thanks

  • I can’t belive that you cannot download the manual in a PDF version.. how un-useful!

  • @nCake

    If you see the comments above there is a way to make a PDF version for yourself in 10 seconds.
    Secondly, because the manual is constantly updated it would makes no sense to have a PDF version, which would become outdated rather quickly.

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